Tsugaru Syamisen

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Yuka Annaka, prize winner at a number of Tsugaru-syamisen competitions, and Kumi
Kindaichi, also a folk singer , formed the duo Anmitsu in 1999. Since that time, the
group has performed over 50 times a year, holding concerts and live performances,
and playing at educational institutions. In 1999,they played at the Yoron Okinawa
Music Festival. The duo subsequently performed live numerous times around Okinawa
as well as for media outlets Ryukyu Broadcasting and FM Okinawa, among others.
In 2000, they launched their Hokkaido Tour, organized by the Hokkaido Toma Cultural
Society. In 2001, they made an appearance in the New Year's concert on Tokyo FM's
"FM Sofia" radio program. They also appeared regularly with Fei Jianrong (Chinese
dasanxian) and Yukito Ara (Okinawa sanshin) in "Okinawa Sangen Zanmai" a series
of concerts sponsored by Asahi Breweries from 2001 to 2003, touring Okinawa cities,
Tokyo, Ehime and elsewhere. In 2003 the duo performed at reception welcoming the
president of Indonesia put on by Prime Minister Koizumi.

Their first performance overseas was at a concert in Myanmar, the Japan Festival in
Yangon National Theater. In 2002, the duo performed at a concert in London entitiled
"The Power, Spirit and Beauty of Japanese Music." In the same year, Anmitsu
performed in the Japanese Music in China concert organized by the Japan Foundation
and a concert in Korea entitled "Tsugaru Syamisen vs. Nagauta Syamisen"organzed by
the Japanese Embassy in South Korea to cmmemorate the Year of Japan-Korea
National Exchange. In 2003, they perfomed a number of times overseas, including the
12th World Gymnaestrada in Lisbon as well as another concert in Portugal entitld
"Mind-blowing Japanese Night ! "

Overseas Performances
Their performances consist of original compositions based on events they have
witnessed while playing both at home and overseas. They utilize traditional playing
techniques, as well as traditional songs brimming with speed and power like "Tsugaru
Jonkara Bushi," which showcases Kindaichi' s considerable vocal talents. They also
hold workshops where they discuss playing techniques and the history of the Tsugaru
-syamisen and provide the participants direct experience with the instruments.

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